G & C Enterprise, LLC - Services Offered
G & C Enterprise, LLC - Washington's Local Family Owned Sportsman Shop
Check out some of the services that we offer below to make your life easier!

 Please Call BEFORE shipping to verify our availability 724-228-5831 Thank You

We can ship your firearm purchase to another FFL for just $20.00+ cost of shipping

We can transfer your firearm to another individual for just $25.

Appraisals-  We offer firearm appraisals for individual firearms
or collections.  Please be aware that price is dependent on the number of firearms and how much research will be required for the most accurate values of your items.  Give us a call for a quote.

Estate Sales: We are always interested in estate sales please feel free to give us a call for a fair offer on your items!
Give us a call about your gun bash, auction, or event; we would love to come out and support it !!
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