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G & C Enterprise, LLC - Washington's Local Family Owned Sportsman Shop
Just picked up a new gun? Come see us to see how we can outfit it to give you the best performance at the best price for you!

A small list of our accessories to help you be better prepared: 
  • Scopes
  • Lasers
  • Bi-pods
  • Railmounts
  • Sticky holsters
  • Shock pads
  • Guard Dog Flashlights and Stun guns!!
  • Conceal Carry Purses 
  • And many more items.....
We are an authorized dealer of Top-Brand Companies such as:
VISM, NcStar, Windham Weaponry
             and Stag Arms   

Pistol Wear Holsters


Pistol Wear
Concealment holster for casual, athletic or professional dress attire. Designed for comfortable under arm carry, inside the waistband (IWB) carry or outside the waistband (OWB) carry.

We also sell Guard Dog Security Products for
affordable self defense
Concealed Stun Guns
High Lumen Flashlights all rechargeable
*Please click on images for more information
on the products.*

 Electrolite $40.00
Stun gun flashlight 

Diablo $50.00
Stun gun flashlight

Ivy $40.00
Stun gun flashlight

Diablo II
Stun gun flashlight

Stealth $40.00
Stun gun flashlight

Pepper spray
Stun gun combo $40.00

Elite II $25.00
Stun gun flashlight w/kill switch

Pepper Spray $20.00
4 oz.

Pepper Spray $35.00

3000 Lumen Flashlight $89.00 4 light function

360 Lumen Flashlight
Marina- 4 function$35.00

290 Lumen Flashlight
Halo $20.00

All Guard Dog Products have a lifetime warranty , Stun Guns and Flashlights are all rechargeable 
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